November 11 A black cloud on the spotless sky of my happiness Sidst udgivet den 11-11-2016

What I've done, I haven't only done it to offer a bit of joy to your father, but... black friday So you give me my freedom? Yes, Paul, you are free to run to your beloved . Paul did not expect second word. Father he said, hugging him happy. Wait for me, I won't be late. Today, father, it'll be the happiest day of my life afterwards, hugging Sophia again, told her in a whisper choked with emotion: Father does black friday walmart not seem to have more life. I'll run to bring Helen, because he 2016 should see deals my happiness to enjoy himself too. Are you also happy Sophia? 

Tell me the truth, smile for me . Paul! she said with a sob. Coming out of his father's room, Paul looked at Elizabeth. But, strange, he didn't feel any hatred for her. Instead he'd black friday walmart like to embrace her, to embrace even the runty doctor and shout to them: I am happy and I love you all! However, he did not do anything of all these, just ran and, taking his car, he took off into the dark city streets. He look for black friday 2016 a amazon moment at his watch. It was one o'clock to ten. She must be sleeping , he thought. But, it is a great need that I take her to my father . Arriving in the square, which was few meters from the train station, he almost crashed on a column. But he managed braking, while a laughter blossomed on his lips. He now wanted to laugh all the time, laugh with every little thing.

But before, he develop speed again, he saw through his windshield a girl, who apparently was mailing a letter. His heart then nearly popped out of his breasts. Helen... he whispered. Helen since early was getting ready to leave the house in which she had lived all the joys and sorrows of her life. Today, at one o'clock after midnight, the train would pass by the train station of Thessalonica deals black friday 2016 and would take her to the place of her appointment. With her heart clenched by sorrow, she was placing her few clothes and the necessary things in a suitcase. When he finished, he went out and stood on the windowsill. The icy air that hit her face, revived her briefly. She look at the small alley through which her father used to come in the evenings.